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Performer/Writer/Producer Credits

2022 World On Fire / Produced, Written, Composed and Performed By Micki Free.

2017 Micki Free Tattoo Burn Redux / Mysterium Blues Records

2016 The Native American Flute as Therapy CD / Mysterium Music

2015 Beavouir*Free CD on Frontiers Records

2012 Micki Free Electric Blues/ Tattoo Burn Cargo Records London

2010 Micki Free American Horse CD featuring; drummer Cindy Blackman-Santana, Jack Daley of Lenny Kravitz, Billy Wyman of The Rolling Stones, Kenny Gradney of Little Feet, David Santos of Billy Joel.

2009 “Micki Free Ambassador of Rock” / Electric Blues CD
Re-release of Gypsy Cowboy Cargo Records UK
2008 Produced & Directed Seminole Wind CD & DVD Project for The Seminole Tribe of Florida featuring Cherokee singer Shea
Crown Jewels

2007 Comanche CD Native American Flute Music
2006 Micki Free Experience CD / Cargo Records UK
Micki Free "LIVE"
Micki Free/Jean Beauvoir: the9
Micki Free~Solo: The Micki Free Experience
2005 Micki Free~Solo: Sedona Free

2003 Micki Free~Solo: The Sun~Chaser
Micki Free~Solo; Electric Warrior
Micki Free~Solo; Black Moon..Black Sun
"Raw Thorns" The Un-Released Demos/ Producers; Micki Free & Jean Beauvior
1995 CROWN OF THORNS - 21 Thorns
Micki Free & Jean Beavouir Producers.

1994 Crown Of Thorns: The Un-released Demos”
Micki Free & Jean Beavouir Producers.

1994 Limited Edition "Hike it Up" EP England

Micki Free, Jean Beavouir Producers
1994 Crown Of Thorns; “Killer Thorns”
1993 Crown Of Thorns Interscope Records; “Crown Of Thorns”
1993 Crown of Thorns; “Crown Of Thorns” (w/ Paul; Stanley of Kiss)
The Black CD

Micki Free; “Electric Warrior”
Micki Free; “Black Moon…. Black Sun”
“Euphoria Blue”
“Electric Head”

1990 Shalamar; “Wake Up”
1989 Shalamar: “Lambada” Soundtrack
Shalamar; “DC Cab” Soundtrack
1987 Shalamar; “Circumstantial Evidence”
1985 Shalamar; “Beverly Hills Cop” Soundtrack (Platinum)
1984 Shalamar; “Footloose” Soundtrack (Triple Platinum)
1984 Shalamar; “Heartbreak”
Shalamar~ Solar Records; “Over and Over”
1984 Wendy O Williams; “Legends Never Die” (Written w/ Gene Simmons)
Janet Jackson; “Come Give Your Love to Me”

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