"Micki Free is an extremely vicious guitarist who can bite with the best of rockers yet can bring a spell-binding slow blues to perfection. He is no stranger to the music world, though. Best known for his time with the popular bands Shalamar and Crown of Thorns, he is a winner of both a Grammy Award (for his work on the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack) and five Native American Music Awards (he is of Cherokee-Comanche mixed heritage)."

"Tattoo Burn-Redux is the real deal...or perhaps better said, "Micki Free is the real deal, one of those artists who raises the bar"...and Tattoo Burn- Redux may well join the list of all-time classics. Many have tried to find that delicate balance between blues and rock that makes blues/rock a valid style. Micki Free has succeeded. Give it a good listen. You won't be disappointed."

- Bill Wilson

"There’s a restless spirit that lives inside of musician Micki Free. After cutting his teeth on rock and roll, he joined the band Shalamar and appeared with them on two monster soundtracks, Footloose and Beverly Hills Cop. The latter won him a Grammy Award.
From there, he joined forces with Jean Beauvoir to create Crown Of Thorns, a hardhitting rock band that shook up the 1990’s. After that, he began to explore his Native American roots and released albums of spiritual flute music.

You know, just the average path of a guy who has just released one of the hottest blues albums on 2017. Yeah, right.

Free’s new album on Mysterium Blues Records, Tattoo Burn – Redux, is an album that is difficult to pigeon hole, just like the artist who made it. At its heart is the blues, pure and simple, but there are elements of rock, gospel, and sometimes you can hear some Native American rhythms in the percussion. Free had some help from some great players on the album. Aside from handling the lead, slide, rhythm guitars and lead vocals, Free also played a little bass.

Other musicians include Cindy Blackman-Santana and David “Hawk” Lopez on drums; Bill Wyman, Jack Dailey, Kenny Gradney, and David Santos on bass; Hammond organ played by Mark “Muggy Doo” Leach and Brother Paul Brown with Leach also playing the Fender Rhodes; and Randy Singer on harmonica. Special guests include Howard Hewett on the lead vocal duet and background vocals on God Is On The Phone; and Cary Bowden on 12-string guitar on Sometimes In Winter."

- Prof. Johnny P

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